Painting is my passion since my childhood. Although I made an attempt to become a ‘normal’ person, studying Ecology, I needed less than a year to understand that painting can’t just be a hobby for me…

Now I am a 25-year-old full-time artist with 4 solo exhibitions and numerous participations in group and conceptual exhibitions in Bulgaria as well as in Greece and Taiwan. During my experience I developed my style into a more magical realistic one, combining different objects with landscapes. Although inspired by the old masters, my works bear the contemporary spirit of today.

My paintings reflect the mystery of life. The nature is a mystery. The life is a mystery. Everything around us is a big mystery. I take objects from my daily surroundings and from the nature, arrange them into a canvas space, trying to make an optical illusion and at the same time I concern various mystery themes. Sometimes I am impressed by the luck, or the inspiration and the muse, sometimes – by nature, or infinity… These themes spread a surrealistic touch into my paintings and that makes them magically realistic. I work strictly with oil paint. The characteristic of my technique is putting many color layers until I accomplish a satisfactory realistic image. I experiment with color combinations. Although the colors of my paintings may look homogeneous, when you approach the canvas you will see many nuances of different colors.