Gold Quadrat
Der Abschied
Gold Qualle
Golden Parkett
Der Trommler
I came to conquer
Mural in Praha
POLITIK, 2007, 200x500cm, Lack & Marker auf Leinwand
TOD TRÖSTET TEUFEL, 2008, 120x150cm, Mischtechnik auf Leinwand

Thomas Mock lives and works in Vienna, Austria – as painter, graphic designer and executive of workshops. He is one of the best known freelance graffiti artists working on commission in Vienna. As a skilled architect the artist possesses a fine sense for spatial situations, remarkable structures and optical or illusionist tricks of representation. In the visual overload of the surfaces with as much different figures and forms as possible he creates little, individual microcosms, which reflect the richness and variety of the universe itself, where death and ugliness represent a necessary part of the beauty of every complete fabric.