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New artyfucked issue released

29.03.2010 by Matthias Grieder

Zeitvertrieb is publishing an artyfucked special issue.

In course of the exhibition »artyfucked - the walls can speak« we released the special issue »Heft WDD«. But not only this - also the new issue of artyfucked is going to be released. A new artyfucked presenting Berlin and Brussels »city graffity«, sketches and papercuts of various artists!

The purpose of »artyfucked« is to document the different artifacts of urban worlds (sketches, graffiti, cartoons) as well as making this form of art more popular and public opinion more sensitive. »artyfucked« is the first printed sketch and street art journal. It shows masterpieces of the biggest modern galleries from Casablanca up to Molotow. Maybe you find your artwork here as well.